Your business needs are not one size fit all. Creative businesses are as unique as each of us. Therefore, all packages are customized to fit your specific needs so you can tell your individual story best.
Here are a few things I can help you with:


Brand Imagery
Tell your potential customers your unique story through images of you creating. This session includes 30 images you can use on your social media and website. Photos will be photographed to fulfill the needs of your website and edited for easy posting to social media. The images will reflect your brand story through a collection of lifestyle images of you in your space, including flat lays, unposed head shots, and scenes of your workspace.
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Free Consultation
1 Hour Shoot + Set of Images to Download
1 Hour Marketing Strategy Meeting + Emailed Notes



Social Media Follow Up
Taking pictures for Instagram can be intimidating and time consuming with the demand for original content. After completing the Brand Imagery Package, follow it up with a social media session to keep your Instagram fresh and consistent with your latest work. You will 20 lifestyle and styled images of your products and workspace and ready to share on Instagram.

1 Hour Shoot + Set of Images to Download



Model + Product Shoot
Quality photos of your new products will make a significant difference in your sales! These images will be shot with natural lighting on a clean backdrop that will make your product even more desirable. Your collection of images will include lifestyle images including props, simple product shots, and styled shots with a model.
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Free Consultation + Styling
Props for Shoot + White, Black or Gray Paper
Model(s) for Shoot
Studio location
Starting at $650



Lifestyle Head Shots
Head shots are the perfect way to introduce yourself to your clients and allow them to learn a little about you. This session will include 10 images you can use for your website and social media. These are not your average head shots for they will be shot in your favorite workspace, whether that is your home or a local coffee shop.

1 Hour Shoot + Set of Images to Download


Event Imagery
Are you hosting a workshop or dinner for your creative business? Events are awesome photo opportunities that you can share on your social media or for advertising future events. You will receive a collection of lifestyle images that capture the spirit of your event, like this class hosted by Well Folk Revival in her beautiful classroom. Images are edited to reflect the vibe and lighting or your event, so you can relive it time and time again.

$60 an Hour


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