The slow movement

My 2017 new year’s resolution is to begin living slowly. Allow me to explain, because I’m sure that statement does not make sense to about 99% of you. But think about it for just a minute. How often do you feel stressed out by all that you have to do? How often do you find yourself not doing things you want to do because you are just too busy? I recently started to pay attention to what I have been filling my time up with that makes me feel so overwhelmingly busy. Sometimes these things are things that I enjoy doing, but sometimes they are things that I don’t love but feel like I have to be doing to simply keep up with everyone else. I am a person that likes to buy gifts but I hate Christmas shopping. I have no desire to go out and shop last minute with everyone else. I like to do my Christmas shopping in October, when I have time to look for meaningful items from small businesses. Gift exchanges are my enemy because they completely go against my shopping preferences and I am forced to bear the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Slow living doesn’t really have anything to do with Christmas shopping though, it’s just a sore subject with me right now. Slow living is about slowing down and enjoying the process. I decided that instead of buying Liv or myself new clothes this year, I wanted to take the time to make each piece. Instead of just going to Target to buy a new throw blanket, I want to take the time to knit it myself. There are things I always have on my mind that I want to do, but I will make the excuse of not having enough time. I love instant gratification. I’ve been a big big fan of it for years, but I began to notice that I don’t appreciate things if I just go out and buy it. It’s easy to toss something you invested no time in. Now that last year I focused on owning less, this year I want to focus on buying less and making most of we eat, wear, or use. I’m hoping that through this journey I not only impact my own life, but can teach Liv skills and an appreciation for the items we have. I want to have more time to read books and enjoy a summer day. I want more time to enjoy moments with family while we make or garden together. I want to build relationships and I want to grow closer to God with less “busy” distractions standing in the way. And I want to have less stress and more grace.

What is your 2017 resolution?

Words and Image by Katie Kline


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