Welcome to the new A Girl Named Katie.


I have always struggled with what I wanted A Girl Named Katie to be. It started as a handbag line that turned into an ethical fashion shop which turned into a blog I thought I was going to use to showcase my sewing, but none of those things felt right. I blogged occasionally on my old website and I really enjoyed making the content. It brought out a fun side of me I have not felt since high school. But I wanted it to be more meaningful than just DIY posts and me talking about things that I bought. That never felt real to me. I longed for something deeper. I wrote so many posts I never published because I felt like they were too personal. I feared that I would be seen as a complainer if I wrote about my feelings and the challenges I was facing in business or family. And a blog on my business page definitely didn’t feel like the place to be bringing up such raw topics when the point was to be light and try to market your products. But that one time I did step out on a branch and wrote about how my first month with my newborn daughter was not anything that I expected it to be, people didn’t respond the way I expected. I didn’t receive harsh comments or sympathy from kind bypassers, I received thank yous and amens. I even received private messages of people wanting to further discuss my experience as they longed to be mothers but were afraid of what a new life with a baby would look like. I began to write my thoughts down but still kept them private thinking that someday I’ll have the guts to send the to a magazine that talks about motherhood and encourage other moms who are walking on the same path.

Motherhood is messy and I learned it the hard way after I filled my head with unrealistic expectations fueled by beautiful Instagram feeds of peaceful babies. So I want this space to be a safe place where we can come together as mamas. I want to talk about real life, the good times and the bad times. I want to talk about my past and how I was able to change my present. I want to share with you my hopes and dreams and be right next to you while you pursue yours. This is a going to be a very different type of blog than I’ve ever done before, but change is good and I kinda like being different anyway.

Words and Image by Katie Kline


One thought on “Welcome to the new A Girl Named Katie.

  1. Katie, this is so great! I’m sure there will be many moms (new and not so new!) who will appreciate your sharing bits of wisdom and life experiences~ we were created for fellowship, we all have issues and struggles, and sometimes it’s just nice knowing there are others who are in the same boat. Balancing a family and a small business is not for the faint of heart! Praying for a courageous heart for you as you share your thoughts and for your words to be a balm to those who need a listening ear. Hugs!


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